• 999 Years ago


    A long time ago in the once peaceful Kingdom of Reddya, a series of dark events transpired. 

    No one quite knew how it started, this horrific war between the Kingdom and the Demon Lord. From the astral plane on which he ruled, the Demon Lord sent his army through time and space to the Kingdom of Reddya. Once on Earth, they would begin to stake their claim of Earth by enslaving all of humanity.

    Word spread that the Demon Lord was building an army so evil it would cast a shadow so dark and impenetrable that humanity could be lost forever. There were rumours of a portal that bridged the gap between Earth and the astral plane beyond. This portal existed somewhere inside the Kingdom of Reddya, providing safe passage only for the Demon Lord and his Dark Army.

    The King of Reddya knew deep within that his army would be no match, and that the fate of his People would be set in stone without the help from the mystics with whom they shared their land. With haste, the King sent word to the Great Wizards of Reddya, inviting them to meet in secret. 

    On the eve of the full moon, the King of Reddya, the Great Wizards and key members of the King’s army gathered in the Mage tower – what would be known as the centre of the Human Resistance. There, the King bestowed upon the wizards the greatest task of all: to combine their wealth of ancient knowledge and skill to create artifacts of the highest power that would defeat the Demon Lord and his Dark Army. 

    With spies in every realm, it was not before long that the Demon Lord heard of the King’s plan and prepared his army for battle. Their first target set for the Mage Tower, the birth place of the Human Resistance.

    Tensions grew stronger as the Dark Army prepared, sending waves of fear across every dimension. The Great Wizards worked day and night to create exquisite, magical artifacts in hopes of saving the world from the powerful grasp of the Demon Lord.

    As the Dark Army drew nearer – closing in on the Kingdom, the Wizards knew their time was drawing to an end. They entrusted a squire with three magical amulets to be delivered to the King of Reddya. The squire placed these amulets in his pocket sped off on horseback to the Kingdom.  As he rode, the sky grew black and the wind ripped through the forest uprooting the eldest of trees. Demonic screams pierced his ears as the ground cracked under his feet. In this moment, the squire knew he would not reach the castle alive.

    Knowing his task was left incomplete, he took refuge in the cellar chamber of the nearest place he knew, the Mage Tower. As he hid, the sound of impending doom grew louder as the surrounding walls began to shake under the footsteps of the Dark Army. The smell of fear and death seeped through the earth, the essence of evil. It was enough to make faint the strongest of hearts.

    Outside the Tower walls, the Great Wizards and the Human Army lead by the King of Reddya, banded together in resistance against the Demon Lord’s army.  While the Dark Army faced a number of casualties, those of the Kingdom were insurmountable. All but few, including the King and his most trusted advisor had perished. The Kingdom and the Mage Tower destroyed.

    After the Kingdom’s destruction, the Demon Lord called back his army leaving behind a massacre of the Reddyan people as well as the Great Wizards.

    In the darkness, one spark remained. 

    Out of the rubble, the squire emerged from the Mage Tower. Devastated by the carnage, he started off once more to the castle in hopes that it of all things was left standing.

    As the squire approached, he could see that most had been destroyed. Walls crumbled, towers obliterated, smoke rising from the ashen ground. Yet one tower remained intact and a soft glow emanated from within. There he found the King bloodied and bruised sitting at a table in front of a fire, his head buried in his hands. 

    The squire entered quietly and placed the amulets in front of the King. The King slowly raised his eyes to meet the squires’. They spoke in hushed voices as not disturb the dead. 

    The next morning, the King sought guidance from his Advisor, informing him of the amulets delivered by the squire. These amulets created by the Great Wizards to defeat the Demon Lord and his Dark Army. The Advisor stood quietly and listened before turning on his heels and retreating to his quarters without speaking a word. There he would stay for 11 days, drawing upon his wisdom for an answer. 

    On the 12th night of deliberation, the Advisor came back with an idea. The King would search far across the land three of the mightiest heroes who would form the ultimate combination of power, wit and skill. Using the amulet’s magic to break down the portal walls, they would seek revenge on the darkness, destroying the Demon Lord and his army. 

    It is told that the King did find his band of three heroes who entered into battle with the amulets close to the hearts, their glow lighting the way.  The heroes successfully defeated the Dark Army but their power was no match for destroying the Demon Lord. They used the magic of the amulets to cast him away in chains that would bind him for a thousand years.

    The heroes escaped through the portal in time to watch it close behind them. 

    Once inside the castle walls, they found the King of Reddya and his remaining subjects praying and waiting anxiously for their safe return. The Kingdom celebrated their heroes’ victory, knowing that the world would be safe for many centuries to come. Yet for many years, fear of that inevitable day lingered over the Reddyan people. 

    But as centuries passed, fact became story, story became history and history became legend. The Dark Army’s attack on the Kingdom, and the three heroes using their magical amulets in a battle against the Demon Lord would all become known as the Legend of the Forgotten Fights.

    Did this legend ever truly exist? No one knows for sure.

    999 years after this legend began, if the prophecy of the Demon Lord were indeed true, his evil would wreak havoc on humanity within a years’ time. Yet who would believe in this legend enough to stop it? 

    There was none but one last hope.

    The present-day King of Reddya knew in his heart of hearts that this dark day was coming and that he would need to protect his Kingdom and all of humanity. As legend told, the heroes of the Forgotten Fights were indeed gifted in their crafts, but their combination of skill, power and wit were not quite mighty enough to destroy the Demon Lord. The King of Reddya  must find that ultimate combination to put an end to this evil once and for all.

    Like his forefather, he sent word far and wide across the land in search of the mightiest men and women who will compete to be named the Three Heroes – who will wear the sacred amulets into battle and save the world from evil. 

    Anticipation grows within the Kingdom as rumors of truth spread. The Legend of the Forgotten Fights lives on with another epic battle ahead.

    The Game

    Just like every other noble, you have to prove that you know what is the best combination.

    You must choose a team of three heroes, equip them, choose which skills they will use and send them into the arena to destroy other combinations of heroes other nobles have compiled.


    There are 18 classes in total, 10 different weapons, 3 weapon skills

    and 12 different skills categories that include many abilities.


    There is a large process to go through to find out what combo that will kill off every other combination.

    Each character must build and obtain a 30 card deck consisting of any card their character can use. The game is played with card and dice. There are different ways you can customize your deck just with the original box set. 

    Choose a team

    You have to choose 3 different character from the character you own.

    Build a deck for each character and choose their gear

    Each character need to build their own deck. You need to follow the restriction on the character card.

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